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Shipping and delivery process

Shipping and delivery process

After your products have been selected according to the features you chose during the ordering process, we will try to ship the products according to the working period for each product

Usually the most appropriate shipping company is chosen for express delivery to you, and we do not guarantee that any delay will occur from the shipping company due to bad weather or other conditions, but we follow the request and track the shipment until it reaches you

What you need to know about the charging process:

Usually the fastest solution to shipping problems is direct communication with the shipping company responsible for delivering the order however

We promise to do our best to deliver your order on time

If the shipping company cannot find you at the address you specified during the order, your products will be returned to the shipping branch in your area. If you don't receive your products from the branch within 3 days, the item will be returned to OPPA

When you receive your goods, you must check for damages or missing items,

If there is any damage resulting from delivery, you must have a report on the damages and submit it to us as soon as possible.

Delivery cannot be made to areas far from the city where there is no delivery of vehicles and areas that cannot be reached for security reasons such as military bases and military housing. If this is the case for your address, you should order your products to a different address. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any delay and failure.

Order Cancellation Policy:

In order to be able to order from the products shown on our website, you must register and choose the product, and if it meets your required specifications, work will start to implement the order directly

Our dear customer, in case there is any difference in the required specifications, we will contact you via e-mail or mobile number. "Customer Service"

In any case, sending the order through the site is considered actually finished to start packing and it can only be canceled by prompt contact with support

 Return Policy:

There is no possibility to return the completed products and agree to the terms according to the sent order however, if there is a problem with these products only because of us, the product will be exchanged based on your request and evaluation and it will be delivered within the time specified in accepting the change request.

In any case, we cannot take back damaged or used products